Research Exchange – the story so far

Research Exchange - the story so far
Research Exchange - the story so far

Research Exchange seeks to connect suppliers with market research as and when they need it in a more cost efficient way. SME caught up with CEO and co-founder Richard Waring to find out more…

Tell me about your company – where did the idea come from? How did you get started? is a digital platform which aims to rapidly connect suppliers and buyers of market research when the need and opportunity arise, cutting out the huge time and cost of inefficiencies that currently exist in the industry. The platform also makes it easier for those who have never commissioned research to do so, providing the tools to write a clear and concise brief and the ability to source the best suited agency.

The original idea for came from a realisation that the explosion in digital technology, especially mobile, has brought a large number of new suppliers into the research industry. Many buyers of market research were struggling to source and connect with these new suppliers efficiently as, through digital, suppliers could now be based anywhere in the world. This coupled with a long and deep global recession has meant buyers of market research need to ensure they have the latest research solutions, in the quickest and most cost efficient manner, triggering us to launch the platform.

Could you tell me a bit about your product/services range? is a digital platform which aims to drive growth in the market research industry. Through its unique and sophisticated algorithm, enables buyers of market research to source, brief and commission well-matched research suppliers, as well as connects suppliers to a pipeline of relevant new business opportunities. Through the platform, current and new buyers are also provided with intuitive tools to build highly bespoke research briefs, further empowering their ability to reach the most relevant research suppliers.

How would you describe your business’ ideology?

Through we aim to democratise, enable and liberate the research industry, by efficiently connecting buyers and suppliers of market research when they are looking to do business together. Ultimately, this will unlock opportunities in the market research sector, encouraging better relationships and offering more economical relationships.