Research Exchange – the other players

Research Exchange - the other players
Research Exchange - the other players

Who are your biggest competitors? What makes your company special compared to its competitors?

The market research industry is a crowded and fragmented marketplace, and we believe that is the first proposition of its kind. On this basis, we do not view any one specific company to be a direct competitor. Old fashioned directories or random Google searches, as well as face to face contact via conferences, are all other ways in which buyers and suppliers can connect, but each of these have their inefficiencies. will lead the industry forward, rapidly connecting buyers and suppliers of market research in the most efficient and effective way.

Tell me about your clients – who purchases your products?

The suppliers we work with are research agencies. We authenticate each one before approving their subscription as our aim is to build the largest database of quality, experienced research suppliers in the world.

The buyers who register with can be any company. Currently, the majority of our buyers work across five industries in particular, these are; FMCG, retail, financial, automotive, and pharmaceutical companies. Buyers, to date, who have registered have been mainly multinationals, who already commission market research and have come to the platform to cut the time and costs of sourcing new quality suppliers.