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Technology of the future
Technology of the future

How do you use social media? Does it help you engage with your client base?

As we are B2B company we focus our social activity on LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn enables us to start conversations with suppliers and buyers and allows us to post and read articles of interest and relevance. We use Twitter as an additional contact channel, to monitor conversations and identify potential users.

What new technology/apps are you considering using?

As gains traction and more and more users are browsing sites on mobile, we have plans to build an app, giving users easy and convenient access to the key tools of the platform through their mobiles, e.g. the ability to check project status.

What technology/apps have you been most impressed with over the past 12 months?

A lot of new technology is being developed at present. Three that come to mind, which are all at a stage of development where they are starting to impact our lives include;

  1. Virtual reality, giving us the ability in the not too distant future to wear a headset and be able to sit on the couch (virtually) beside friends on the other side of the world.
  2. Drones, which are revolutionising so many industries, enabling us to film for documentaries, to assist in disaster rescue and to survey buildings and farming land.
  3. AI. I’m not convinced man will ever want a totally driverless car or pilotless plane, but as technology can make better and faster decisions than us in so many ways, AI can bring us a safe world. In reality, technology does most of the flying in a plane already and soon it will make most of the decisions in your car and other areas of your life.

What is your vision for the future? Are you looking to expand?

Increasingly, in so many industries, because of technology, your next supplier does not have to be physically located near you. This is the same in the market research industry. Your best research agencies, with the best solution, the best team and the best value can literally be the other side of the world. We want to connect them quickly and conveniently. So while we are focusing on the UK at the moment, as the second largest market research country in the world after the USA, in the future we want to connect the world.