OMS – overcoming challenges

Overcoming hurdles
Overcoming hurdles

Optical Metrology Services is a specialist technology company specialising in precision measurement and inspection services for the engineering industry. SME caught up with CEO Denise Smiles to hear how the company has overcome obstacles to succeed…

What have been the biggest challenges for OMS, and how were they overcome?

When I joined OMS, there were only two members of staff – one of whom was part time. Since joining the company, I’ve helped to increase our workforce considerably, growing the company turnover and expanding our capabilities accordingly.

The challenge with growing at such a rapid pace is retaining our corporate culture, maintaining a family atmosphere and balancing cash inflow with wage outgoings. What’s more, with so many important new contracts, balancing stress levels and motivating staff to continue delivering an exceptional service is key.

With this in mind, we prioritise the wellbeing and happiness of our staff over any contracts or agreements. After all, a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Teambuilding is therefore key, as without the hard work and expertise of each and every member of staff, we would have a business at all! Twice a year, we organise activities and days out, as well as hosting regular teambuilding events and charity projects. We even have a ‘creative room’, which teams can use to discuss new ideas and innovations, extra-curricular activities – such as French lessons!

In addition, we communicate with our staff continually and ensure they’re kept in the loop with all key business decisions, strategy plans and ask them to feed-in to wider corporate planning.