My Social Agency: top tips for SMEs

News in brief
News in brief

My Social Agency is a digital marketing services provider based in Leeds. They provide social media, content marketing, web development and search engine marketing services to a wide variety of businesses. SME caught up with MD Mark Mitchell to hear his top tips for SMEs…

• A flat organisational structure in an SME allows for shared responsibility and accountability, mutual respect and improves communication.

• Focus more on margins than turnover. This is key to growing fast.

• When recruiting in an SME, titles and years experience are not necessarily the most important factors here - it’s about cultural fit, fresh perspectives, skills and qualities an individual can bring to the team.

• Offer your employees commission for any new and suitable business they can bring to your company. This opens new doors and makes your employees feel valued.

• Team perks are a great way to boost staff morale. We offer flexible working hours within a set window, every month have an out-of-office afternoon activity, finish early on Fridays, and play games in the office.