Marketing in the cloud

Marketing in the cloud
Marketing in the cloud

Omar Chin-Keow, head of production at Little Star Media, a London and Milton Keynes based games marketer, which works with the likes of Sky Vegas, describes how the company uses cloud services in the day-to-day running of its business

What cloud services do you use and what do you use them for?

• Facebook – For both paid and unpaid marketing

• Skype – Primarily used for internal communications

• AWS – Used to provide IT infrastructure. We have been in the process of migrating all our systems from our previous servers to AWS. It is able to react to your system needs with a scalable infrastructure

• Wrike – Allows for collaboration across all teams on a variety of briefs and projects. Enables users to organise and structure briefs requested across the company via custom workflows and project views.

How did you decide to use Wrike, did you do much research into the other available options?

I first created a list of requirements for a project management system by interviewing the different teams in-house. From it I created a spreadsheet, grouping the criteria into segments. After this I commenced my search for a project management system that could meet our requirements and add value in ways we hadn’t yet considered. Wrike’s software feature list promised to be what we needed, providing some features we hadn’t considered such as user specific working schedules.

How much has the day-to-day running of your business changed since you started using Wrike?

With a 20-strong workforce split across two sites and a multitude of projects ‘on the go’ at any given time, we quickly reached the limits of our old project management system. Wrike enables us to define and prioritise all our various briefs as they come in, and to set out our own workflows, classified by the type of brief we are dealing with. We can see – both individually and at a high level – what the priorities and workloads are every day, and how work ‘travels’ through the company.

What would your top tips be for other SMEs looking to move to the cloud?

First, really consider your business needs, present and near future. Ensure that when weighing up options you consider the time saved by outsourcing the service to a cloud based network. If you have any plans on expanding in the near future it is well worth considering how you will manage growth – cloud based services are often highly scalable. Finally, cloud based solutions have multiple data centres. This is great for data protection and for availability of service, with most cloud based services guaranteeing 99.9 per cent coverage.