Mapway – top tips for success

Tips for success
Tips for success

Mapway is the world’s number one for public transport apps, specialising in developing technologies and services to deliver smarter information. SME caught up with CEO David James to hear his advice for new SMEs…

What are your top tips for SMEs?

  • Recruit well and employ people who specialise in your weakest areas
  • Learn how to delegate and trust your team with the responsibility of the job you’ve given them
  • Define specific areas of the business and understand where your own skills are, while also discovering the areas which need improvement
  • Understand the change that’s needed to grow from an entrepreneur to an SME. For example, having a board is essential for an SME as it helps to define a longer term strategy for growth and stability

For SMEs in particular, it is crucial to understand the ongoing challenges of mobile. The mobile industry is constantly evolving and the technology is never standing still. It therefore requires significant investment (both time and financial) to succeed in such a fast-changing market.