Mapway – the ups and downs

The ups and downs
The ups and downs

Mapway is the world’s number one for public transport apps, specialising in developing technologies and services to deliver smarter information. SME caught up with CEO David James to find out the company’s highs and lows…

What have been your biggest challenges? How did you overcome them?

The biggest overall challenge has been to create apps which can be usable and functional, yet still able to create enough revenue to support a growing private company. Trying to achieve this has been difficult, but after 12 years of hard work, we are now leading the market in mobile travel, striving to improve our applications to maintain our ‘best in the field’ status.

Overcoming all the challenges which have been put in front of Mapway has been a mission in itself, but we have achieved our success through making strategic business decisions. Part of this has included forming partnerships with companies such as Uber, to extend our offering to customers.

Today, through hard work and dedication, Mapway has 26 live apps across a range of platforms, all with enhanced features to provide in-depth travel information for all of our users.

What have been your greatest successes?

My greatest successes have all been centred on the expansion of Mapway. When we hit one million downloads, it was a fantastic feeling. From the journey of that day to now having over 30 million, it is an achievement I’m really proud of. Creating a commercially viable suite of apps, which generates ongoing revenue, with the ability to sustain a team of experienced and dedicated employees, has to be my most rewarding and greatest success.