Mapway – the other players

The other players
The other players

Mapway is the world’s number one for public transport apps, specialising in developing technologies and services to deliver smarter information. SME caught up with CEO David James to hear how he faces the competition…

Who are your biggest competitors? What makes your company special compared to its competitors?

Mapway’s competitors range from a variety of different sectors and organisations across the mobile and transport industries. From international software developers such as Apple and Google, to SME businesses such as Citymapper and Movvit, as well as the transport companies themselves. Mapway stands out by providing the most in-depth and reliable information about each mode of travel online, and most importantly offline, we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

One of the ways we achieve this is through the aggregation and dissemination of live information from multiple data sources. We take this information and develop specific apps for each transit system in every location. It’s important to recognise that consumer requisite is different depending on the mode of transport and place. That’s why we don’t take a one size fits all approach to the apps, as many other providers do.

Who purchases your products?

Anyone who has an iOS, Android or Windows device can download our ‘products’. The apps are free via the various app stores to anyone, anywhere. Each of our apps are easy to understand and offer solutions to problems which even the most informed traveller may not have realised existed.

From commuters to tourists, our users benefit from our apps on an international level. For example, our statistics show that in the past six months, our Tube Map and London Bus apps are used most in the United Kingdom but are also popular in Italy, the United States and France, highlighting how it is not just commuters in London who utilise these apps.

It’s a truly universal service and to download any of our apps all you need is a smart phone or tablet device and an internet connection.