Little Green Radicals – The highs and lows

The highs and lows
The highs and lows

Little Green Radicals is an eco-friendly baby and children’s brand that has grown from small beginnings to its present-day global presence. SME caught up with founder Nick Pecorelli and head designer Josie Bragg to find out the company’s highs and lows…

• What have been your biggest challenges? How did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge has always been cash flow and production. We had some production horror stories in the early days but we now have a lot more stability on this side. The cash flow remains a challenge. We just have to be very focused at making sure we get the money in from people who owe it to us at a certain time in the cycle.

• What have been your greatest successes?

Building a great team of people who are in it for the long term. When you have a team that is committed and wants to see the business do well it is a great feeling and you can gradually let go of things. When we first started I designed some kids t-shirts with slogans. They were fun ideas like 'I Recycle My Tantrums’, ' Locally Produced' on a playsuit but I am no designer and I now have a designer and production manager who make everything happen and it looks wonderful. Our production manager has been with us since nearly the beginning and has helped us navigate through tough times. That experience is invaluable.