LINKD – facing the competition

LINKD - facing the competition
LINKD - facing the competition

Who are your biggest competitors? What makes your company special compared to its competitors?

This is an interesting question. LINKD is a platform for professionals to meet other like-minded people so I would say in the UK probably Lovestruck London has a similar appeal. Naturally we recognise Tinder as a titan however we’re offering a different product for a different user.

There are a number of clear distinctions between LINKD and our competitors. LINKD is the first platform to introduce ‘sliders’ to help users describe themselves – on top of this, we overlay user responses so people can see how they compare with potential dates.

Behavioural psychology is at the heart of our matching algorithm and design. Unlike some platforms that ask a torrent of seemingly unnecessary questions – we keep things simple and poignant asking only necessary questions identified through a long pre-launch period of detailed surveys and testing.

The icing on the cake? Our proprietary matching algorithm solves the problem of finding the right date spot for a potential match. Using responses provided by users on their lifestyles and personalities our members have the option to either select a first date spot from our library of venues across town or pick from our ‘Tailored’ lists of venues specific for the couple.