Kennedy’s Confections – something to think about

Something to think about
Something to think about

Kennedy’s Confections is a family-run chocolate and confectionary magazine based in Kent. SME spoke to owner Angus Kennedy, who is also known for giving talks on the world of confectionary and eating chocolate for a living.

• What are your top tips for SMEs?

If you can’t take a setback, don’t start your own business. Be prepared to be a bit of an alien too, by that I mean never confide in your staff and always be professional and fair and don’t play favourites with anyone. Your accounts team is the engine, treat it like a Formula One car, so every day check everything and try to stay on top. Leave the office at 5pm, never let it consume you or you will burn out and last only 10 years.

• How do you engage with clients, and how are you as a publisher coping with adapting to providing a digital offering?

Well I know who all my clients are. I use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, but we are media providers so we are helping our clients do that too. I like Twitter, as I am an editor so I tweet top news stories, etc. I must admit I should be doing more, but right now let’s settle for rescuing a business. Of course I have dreams, I want to start my own TV show. Easier said than done, but I am still trying. My business is a solid business so now we have to change it to a digital business, that’s next.

• Any final thoughts you would like to share with our readers?

Never give up; Edison took 10,000 attempts to get the light bulb bright, Dyson 5,170 for his vacuum cleaner and Colonel Saunders more than 1,000 attempts to launch KFC. He was 69 years old and broke.

These guys where only different in the fact that they enjoyed and considered failure to be essential, ultimately that is success. Succeed all the time and one day you’ll fail; fail all the time without stopping and you will succeed, it will happen. Don’t wait for tomorrow to live the dream because tomorrow may never come. Get out there and do it, do it for your mum, for yourself, your tabby cat, anything, “screw it, let’s do it”, as Branson said. He was so right.