Interview part IV: GH Consultants

GH Consultants
GH Consultants

“Within our industry there is a strong network of contacts, so we never really have to work with anyone that we don’t know. We tend to work with people we have worked with in the past, and if these people aren’t available, they put us in contact with people that they trust. This goes a huge way to making sure that we can maintain an ethical approach to business.”

“Having freelancers also means that we can employ specialists as and when the case requires it. Some of our cases may require staff to expert local knowledge. This means that if we’re doing work for a client in Kent that requires specialist knowledge of other areas such as Liverpool, we have the resources to facilitate that.”

“Different investigators also have different specialisms, meaning their skills will be able to match the requirements of the case. “

Although it’s not all James Bond antics – a lot of Dent’s work revolves around researching documents and sitting behind a desk - there are still moments of excitement in the life of a private investigator.

“One of my favourite parts of the job is serving papers; sometimes this can be tricky though as you have to serve them to the individual and you’ll get a lot of people who pretend that they are someone else in order to avoid being served.

“I once had to serve papers to a man at his office as the numerous addresses I had for him didn’t exist. He wasn’t happy and he looked as if he was about to punch me. I also served a woman once who was so keen to get away from me that she slammed the front door on my arm – but that’s the only time I’ve been injured.”