Interview part III: GH Consultants

GH Consultants
GH Consultants

This ensures that any information provided is used with the best of intentions.

“We have a lot of people who come to us looking to trace someone that they lost contact with for whatever reason – long lost family members or estranged spouses. We won’t just trace these people for no reason. Generally in cases such as this, we’ll only get involved if we can ensure that there is no malicious intent or as part of court proceedings.

“But quite often in these situations, the client wanting to trace someone doesn’t even want to get in touch, they just want to know where they are and if they are doing okay.”

In total, the company employs a number of staff on a variety of contracts. Working alongside Dent in the office, there are three other members of staff who predominantly focus on the administration side of the business. However, on occasions, they do deal with sensitive data, so are educated on things such as data protection to ensure they are aware of how to handle information where appropriately.

As well as this, the firm also recruits a number of freelance investigators on and ad-hoc basis, as and when they are required. Find out more in tomorrow’s instalment of our GH Consultants series…