Interview part II: GH Consultants

GH Consultants
GH Consultants

“Unfortunately it is hard to regulate the private investigator sector. The government tried to do this a few years back, but defining what a ‘private investigator” actually is can be tricky. A lot of jobs require people to investigate – so it’s difficult to know where to begin.”

For Dent, working as a private investigator is something that runs in the family. In its current format GH Consultants is split into two strands, the oldest of which is the Geoden branch of the business that was founded by his parents 26 years ago which specialises in examining insurance claims. After leaving a job with a city insurance firm eight years ago Dent opened his own company Headons which investigates “everything else” although he specifies that “we definitely don’t get involved in cheating claims.”

Dent also explains that there is a level of fear surrounding the private investigator sector which means that often potential clients are reluctant to use services until a problem occurs that it is too late to fix.

“Sometimes clients are scared to contact us because they see it as a bit of a shady sector and they don’t really want to get involved in the dirt-digging type idea which comes with the industry. What they don’t appreciate that there is a lot of information we can obtain legally and which can be used in advance as preventative tool so you can stop problems happening before they arise.”

In tomorrow’s instalment of our GH Consultants series, we find out the screening process for clients…