Guide for growth – top tips

Top tips for growth
Top tips for growth

Coaching new start-ups on their road to building their brand is an important part of my working life, now that I have built G’NOSH up from the ground and can look back with some highly valuable learnings.My top five tips to aspiring entrepreneurs would be:

  1. Team work – build a circle of people and partnerships around you (don’t dismiss those that are better or more developed than you); gather people that you can trust around you, those who will push the boat out, harness creativity and get things done
  2. Focus on the brilliant basics – Quality and brand personality are of huge importance. Be obsessed about both.
  3. Resilience and optimism – these qualities are a must to ride the highs and lows of starting your own business, besides, a resilient and optimistic outlook is contagious for the team around you
  4. Authenticity – keep it real, consumers love a story behind a brand and that delivers a genuine emotional connection
  5. Financial control – it is important that you tackle costs, be ruthless and understand where your revenues are