Greyhours – the story so far…

Greyhours - the story so far
Greyhours - the story so far

How would you describe your business’ ideology?
We thought it was very unfair that almost all watch brands to sell their watches from 10 to 20 times what it cost them to manufacture. We wanted to change that and be very transparent. The motto was to created something beautiful but affordable and that could be purchased by most, that was the most important, to give access to rare materials to as many people as possible. Our first collection is placed at $250.

Tell me about your role – what does a typical day look like for you?
My role is to lead the teams through important dates and make sure that the funds we have are correctly split between purchasing inventory and advertising. A typical day is when I reply emails for a few hours and then visit workshops with my team to ensure new collections development and current manufacturing rounds are smooth.

Who are your biggest competitors?
UniformWares: They are the current leaders in our targeted price range but we believe their marketing and branding wants to be seen as reserved to an elite. We don’t believe the products they manufacture are in line with the image they are trying to give of themselves
Brathwait: They are also in this trend where brands act in a fair way by not selling with outrageous margins, which is good. However we believe their DNA has been taken from a brand called Daniel Wellington and that is never a good thing. They don’t seem to have a design DNA but seems to be surfing on a design trend.