Greyhours – hiring the right team

Greyhours - hiring tips
Greyhours - hiring tips

Greyhours is a European luxury watch brand that aims to create beautiful Bauhaus design pieces for everyday wear. SME caught up with Greyhours to find out how it has put together its team…

How many employees do you have?
We have 2 employees and 4 full time partners.

What do you look for when you are recruiting?
Sharp mind and past achievements.

What attributes are necessary in your business?

Very design and communication oriented profiles are important to us. People who know a lot about online marketing are also a good fit as we only sell online.

What makes you a good employer to work for?
We travel a lot as a team, being only 6 in the team allows us to work from 3 to 4 different countries throughout the year. We’re very close to each other, we’re a real team and all the time we spend discovering new places help our creativity and help our team spirit.