Greyhours – around the world

Greyhours around the world
Greyhours around the world

Greyhours is a European luxury watch brand that aims to create beautiful Bauhaus design pieces for everyday wear. SME caught up with Greyhours to find out how they operate overseas...

What countries do you operate in?
We currently sell worldwide but our top countries are the UK, USA, Korea, China, Italy and Germany.

What is the next country to target?
South East Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia.

What is your global plan?
We always think global in everything we do and achieving a proper international shipping system was very important for us.

How much research goes in to setting up overseas expansion? Do you visit the places you are looking to sell to?
We always travel to the places we plan on selling or that we’re already selling to. This March we are going to Seoul for a week to meet customers and partners.

What have been the main challenges for exporting?
Not all countries speak English and as we’re targeting large portions of each country, we have to setup our websites in the proper language including advertising imagery and texts.

What cultural differences have you encountered, and have they affected the way you do business with certain regions?
I think most regions are looking for the same thing, a proper customer experience and a fair company to deal with and that’s what we’re doing great.