Going for Growth – Never ignore social media

Never ignore social media
Never ignore social media

While social media is a great way to interact with your customers, it can also put your reputation on the line. Lucy Hall takes a look at the importance of content moderation for online forums…

Social media, blogs, forums and the like are outlets for people to express themselves, to share experiences bad and good with their connections, or with people of similar interests. As a business, whether you actively use social media or not you are probably on it. When people need to vent about a business the first place they take to now is the internet, a forum, a group or a social network.

Whether this is to complain about a bad experience, scream from the rooftops about their joy at good customer service, or just discuss with others whether to use your firm or buy your products. Ultimately, if you as a business aren’t on social media, or you aren't ‘social listening’, then you could be in danger of missing out on new business or the opportunity to showcase your amazing customer service. It’s like turning a blind eye to what people are saying about you.

It’s one thing to be on social media and to be listening to what your customers or potential customers are saying about your business and another to actually deal with them in a respectful manner (especially if they are negative or bad reviews.) Seeing bad comments about your business, products or customer service can be very disheartening; as a business owner you may take this personally and that can sometimes mean you want to reply quickly with an emotional reaction. This is almost always the wrong way to deal with the situation. To leave it is also not a great idea.

Lucy Hall is a social media and online marketing consultant and founder of Social Day, the social media forum for SMEs. See details of the London event at http://socialday.co.uk/