Going for Growth – Fighting the trolls

Fighting the trolls
Fighting the trolls

While social media is a great way to interact with your customers, it can also put your reputation on the line. Lucy Hall takes a look at the best ways to deal with internet trolls…

When it comes to genuine trolls the best way to deal with them is to delete their comments and brush it off. Trolls feed on response and upset, don’t feed them, delete them and they will go away. Never let a troll make you feel anything even if they are abusing you, you can block trolls easily on social media and report them to the networks.

You may wish to consider using a social media management company to help you manage your company’s reputation online. An agency normally creates a social media strategy and then manages the content creation and engagement for your social media accounts. A good social media manager or management company will start understanding your needs and goals as a company. A social media manager’s job is more than simply posting updates; they need great creativity and design skills, the ability to pick up your company’s tone of voice, to react quickly to conversations about your business and to be able to measure and analyse the social media campaign activity. The ability to create conversation and engagement and to react to comments quickly is also a social media management must.

There are pro’s and con’s when it comes to using an external resource to manage your social networks. If you are lucky enough to have the resource in house, the good news is people can be trained to do this well, as long as you have some good social media guidelines in place. Of course if you outsource to a reputable company, you know you’ll be getting a professional who is able to get stuck in immediately.

Lucy Hall is a social media and online marketing consultant and founder of Social Day, the social media forum for SMEs. See details of the London event at http://socialday.co.uk/