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The best of tech
The best of tech

GB Energy Supply is a new company that aims to cut energy costs for its customers by running a highly efficient business and keeping our own costs low. SME caught up with MD Luke Watson to find out more…

How do you use social media? Does it help you engage with your client base?

For any business social media is an important channel. As we’re not on comparison sites we use it as a marketing tool and we also have a lot of customers recommending us on social media. Equally as important is its use as a customer service tool. Customers have an expectation that if they ask a question to you on Facebook or Twitter you respond quickly. We have a dedicated team to make sure all customers talking to us on social media get a quick response.

What new technology/apps are you considering using?

Communication is really important in keeping our customers happy, so we’re always looking for ways to improve the channels that we have. A mobile app is certainly something we’re looking into, as is webchat, SMS and making more use of social media channels. The software we use in our back-office systems is also constantly evolving and we’ll be adding a number of improvements to the services we offer over the forthcoming months.

What technology/apps have you been most impressed with over the past 12 months?

I’m always impressed with businesses that use new technology to improve the way they engage with their customers. Amazon’s ‘Mayday’ service is a real step-change in customer service; one click and you’re instantly video-linked to an advisor who can see into your device and even guide you through your query by controlling what you see. That’s really impressive innovation.

What is your vision for the future? Are you looking to expand?

Growth is a big focus over the next 12 months and we’ll be building a business structure to support it. This year we’ll be building and moving into a purpose-built energy centre, designed to support our growth for the forthcoming years.