Eyetease: top tips for success

Richard Corbett: founder of Eyetease
Richard Corbett: founder of Eyetease

So far in our case study series, we have seen how Richard Corbett took a creative solution to a perceived problem and turned it into his successful and ward-winning disruptive media company, Eyetease.

Corbett had original ideas, invested in them and worked hard to build his company up to where it is today, and here at SME we asked him to share his top tips and lessons learned along the way. Here’s what he had to say:

• Think creatively – disruptive businesses are borne as a result of tackling problems in new ways, do not be afraid to think outside the box

• You never lose if you over-communicate – it is always better to over-communicate with your staff than to be distant or vague and risk confusion

• Value sustainable growth – there is no point in rushing in to investment and growth if it is not sustainable, expand at a pace that is right for your company

• Watch out for people stealing your thunder – this is true for all companies, you do not want your competition to pip you to the post. Especially with high-end, difficult products however, it is particularly important to ensure you take out a patent and protect your invention

• The simplest solution is often the best – technology adds value, but there is no sense in crowbarring it in where it does not belong. Take a step back, review your problems and look for the simplest, most elegant solution.