Eyetease: disruptive media products

Case study: Eyetease
Case study: Eyetease

In the latest instalment of our case study series, we took a look at the company history of innovative, disruptive media company Eyetease. The company’s products are ‘disruptive’ in that they are game-changers – Eyetease’s products have reinvented the way things are done in the advertising industry.

Here is a closer look at the products they offer:

Digital Taxi Top

The ‘iTaxitop‘ is the world’s first high definition LCD taxitop technology that enables media, news and information to be broadcast to the right people, at the right place and time – all from the roof of a taxi. An evolution of the traditional taxitop ‘light boxes’ seen in the United States, the iTaxitop introduces relevancy, accountability and immediacy to taxi advertising. With the ability to schedule ads remotely and deploy to each unit via wireless connectivity, the iTaxitop turns each taxi into a highly advanced out-of-home communications tool – turning each street (at any time of the day) into a new and exciting potential point of communication with the public.

In-Cab WiFi

CabWifi’ turns each vehicle into a high speed wifi hotspot for passengers to use while travelling in the back of the cab. The Eyetease system is the world’s first mobile public wifi device for taxis, with a unique ads-for-access user experience. The technology provides media owners with a new revenue stream through the ability to monetise the user experience. Passengers using CabWifi are immersed in a client-defined, branded user experience that includes a pre-roll advert, one time registration page and landing page. For clients, the system provides an all-in-one solution to monetise a public wifi hotspot that is compliant with EU/Home Office /Ofcom directives and guidelines.