End of an era: being productive at home

End of an era?
End of an era?

If you want to ensure maximum productivity, then it’s essential you carve out a home-working space that allows you to work as hard as possible…

Gina Hutchings is a business space designer and interiors blogger. She acknowledges that not everyone is lucky enough to have a summer house or garage they can convert. “When choosing a suitable space consider the following: can you close the door to noise, etc? Are you away from distractions? If you are close to the front door, home telephone, kitchen or TV room will this distract you? Is the space large enough for everything you need comfortably? Do you have access to your work space for clients (if required) like an external door? The most popular rooms to convert to home offices are dining rooms as they tend to be larger, can easily be changed to suit a desk and home office equipment, are on the ground floor and have access for clients and close to amenities.”

She advises making sure you choose the right furniture – office desks and chairs must be adjustable and the right height for working. Hutchings also recommends turning up to your desk each day wearing proper clothes to add a degree of professionalism to your non-office venture.

Setting up at home isn’t always the answer. Renting out temporary office space, or desk sharing, is on the rise in expensive cities like London, where the cost of renting monthly office space can blow a business’ budget out of the water. Co-work is one example of shared, alternative business space. The benefits are numerous – as well as having a space away from your house to work in, you can also network while you work. Who knows? You might meet your future business partner in a shared office environment.

Other alternative office strategies include private members clubs. These range from the plush, like the Soho House Group to the Hospital Club, but also the functional Hub Kings Cross and Adam House, which is particularly good for those looking to run a non-traditional office-style business. As well as a huge number of desks, you also get business support services such as faxing and access to a professional concierge service. In addition, it’s possible to use the club to have post delivered, so you can maintain a central address for official correspondence.

In the next instalment of our End of an Era series, we look at how technology can help you stay connected when you are out of the office…