Email marketing isn’t dead

Email marketing
Email marketing

It’s easy for Internet commentators to declare that email is dead; take anything online that’s over five years old and you can be sure to see articles cropping up on how no one uses it anymore. But the facts can tell a different story.

There are over 2.5 billion email users across the world, collectively sending and receiving hundreds of billions of emails every day. This alone provides a huge opportunity for businesses wanting to spread the word, reach a new demographic or simply update existing customers.

With the right email and contacts, small business owners can consistently speak to current and potential customers while keeping control of their key messaging. Email use is growing in the business sector and by 2018, business email will account for over 139.4 billion emails sent and received per day. Email outperforms other marketing strategies, earning on average $43 for every $1 spent.

The beauty of email marketing is that you can be strategic in your approach. Firing emails out to a database of prospects and active customers built over time, or even fresh leads that you may have met at an event, means you’re more likely to reach someone to whom it will be of interest. However, you can finesse your mailer list to target those more likely to be interested, and tweak your mailer accordingly. Quantity and quality are not mutually exclusive.

At the root of it, almost every business mailer usually encourages the reader to buy the product or service. Recipient reactions will vary depending on what it is you’re trying to get them to do, so focus on the tone of the mailer. Will your target audience want you to get straight to the point? What added value are you offering them through the email?

Before you press send, ask what it is you want the recipient to do. The call to action must be clear and prominent if you want people to know what to do. Want them to come to an event? Include “invite” in the subject line. You don’t want to annoy people by being coy about what you’re contacting them for.

Keep text simple yet exciting and don’t be afraid to include customer testimonies similar to those who’ll be receiving it. Tell your contacts a story that will engage them and make them want to find out more. To organise your outreach, email marketing services are a good solution to help you look professional while optimising your efforts and leaving you with more time up your sleeve.

The GoDaddy Email Marketing tool has been designed with exactly this in mind: addressing the needs of a small business that wants to professionally manage their email marketing as a channel for customer acquisition and engagement. Offering functionalities such as ready email templates, automatic removal of bad addresses, duplicates and unsubscribes and integration with Website Builder to store the email addresses of people visiting your site, the tool is available for a low monthly subscription fee.