Easy enrolment – part four

Pensions puzzle
Pensions puzzle

J.Van Vliet C&C Facilities is a cash and carry group with 17 individual limited companies all with different staging dates.

Dawn Hasell, group HR manager, says: “Our first staging date was in October 2015 and we are going all the way through to April 2017. It was important for us to find a pension company to process all this work together and after looking at the pros and cons we chose a company called NOW:Pensions.

We made the appointment three months before the staging date but we had actually been planning for the new auto-enrolment regulations a full year and a half before.

We looked at which of our staff were in our now no longer running pension scheme and who was eligible for auto-enrolment.

Our first focus was on ensuring we did this as low cost as possible. So we decided to go for the minimum statutory eligibility – depending on age and earnings rather than enrol every employee.

Communications with staff was important. We have a very culturally diverse employee base so we had to make sure that the pension provider we chose did not invest in sectors that did not fit with their ethics.

A lot of employees didn’t want to be enrolled but NOW:Pensions did all the written communications explaining what the changes meant.

On the payroll side we already had everything set up with our Sage systems. Auto-enrolment was initially hard work but once it was up and running we haven’t had any problems.