Digital Skills - the ‘millennial myth’

the millennial myth
the millennial myth

A recent roundtable event on digital skills hosted by VMWare at its new facility in Staines discussed the issue of ‘willingness’. One thing the roundtable was keen to stress was the need to bust the ‘millennial myth’ that older people cannot get on with digital skills.

Research by VMWare found that 61 per cent of UK employees are willing to use their own time to learn new digital skills and ways of working. Furthermore, older generations of the workforce are actively pursuing more technical digital skills, with 35 per cent of 45-54 year olds and 23 per cent of 55 years and over, seeking advice or training on designing and building mobile applications. Some 47 per cent of 45-54 year olds are doing the same for coding and creating online content.

What do SMEs use the internet for?

98% of SMEs use the internet for work purposes, a 6% increase on 2012 figures

  • Of those SMEs using the internet, 90% accessed it at their workplace and 89% at home
  • 74% of them had a smart phone – an increase of 23% since 2012
  • 85% of SMEs use the internet for emailing customers
  • 79% for paying taxes online
  • 78% for other online transactions (e.g. taking bookings, online banking etc.)
  • 68% for promoting goods and services through a website
  • 61% for advice on regulation
  • 59% for seeking general business advice
  • 57% for social media
  • 33% for e-commerce