Digital marketing made easy: Pinterest

Digital marketing guide
Digital marketing guide

Pinterest is all about discovery and aspiration...

Every pin is linked so if you are regularly pinning from your own website you have more chance of getting click-throughs. Give your boards unique names to make them stand out.

The names need to be short, between two and four words. If they are longer people will not be able to see them in full and will have to click on the board. This extra step may deter them from looking further. Board names should be descriptive for search and boards should have a minimum of 40 pins to give users the best experience. Be sure to choose board cover images and select the best pin from each board to represent it.

Although it seems almost too simple, the real key to any type of social media marketing is to be consistent. Consistent not only with your message but the time and effort you put into each network. For instance, if you are creating fantastic content daily you are more likely to be seen. Of course, if you are creating great content but are not interacting and engaging with people this won’t work either. But, as research suggests, those who are able to spend time daily with their audience or community are seeing great results from social media.

The other important element is to ensure you aren’t blatantly advertising across social media – of course you can do this with social media via Facebook ads and the like, but in your general social media communications the content should aim to solve a problem or inspire your audience.

Because each audience is different, the only way you can really tell what works and what doesn’t is to test the water and try new types of content and ways to engage. Social media, as the name implies, is all about being social, about talking to people and engaging in conversation. It’s a fantastic way to get close to your customers and find out what they like and what they don’t like. The days of second-guessing your clients’ buying habits are well and truly over.

In tomorrow’s instalment of our digital marketing guide, we examine how best to leverage social media for business…