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Social media guide
Social media guide

The social media sphere is changing so rapidly companies need to try and keep up to date with the best ways to make an impact and measure their success. Lucy Hall is your guide…

Social media is constantly changing and keeping abreast of new social networks and features may seem like a full time job. Often when a business thinks of using social media for marketing they imagine posting to Twitter, Facebook or joining in with groups on Linkedin.

The truth is there is so much going on and changes are happening incredibly fast. For example, Instagram, a visual image-based social network, is now the fastest-growing platform, with more than 300 million active users. Pinterest is the highest converting and Periscope (Twitter’s live stream offering) has gained 13 million users just five months after going live. There is so much more businesses can do now with social media to improve engagement, customer interaction, gain industry influence and credibility, as well as secure more brand exposure.

In this guide I will take you through the visual and video-based social networks and why they are so powerful for business. I will also explain why time and consistency are key and how you are able to measure your social media marketing success.

In tomorrow’s instalment of our digital marketing guide, we take a look at Perisocope and Meerkat…