ChargeApp – a vision for the future

A vision for the future
A vision for the future

ChargeApp is an app that allows users to locate charging stations to re-charge their mobile phones. It also provides features such as push notifications for retailer’s offers and battery alerts. SME spoke to co-founder Joe Giordana to hear his plans for the future…

What countries do you operate in?

USA, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Israel and Spain.

What is the next country to target?

Our next target countries are China and India.

How much research goes in to setting up overseas expansion? Do you visit the places you are looking to sell to?

Extensive research goes into finding international charge point locations and independent retailers, as well as the larger retail chains. We have local partners and operators in the countries we are currently working with overseas, and we work with them to tie up new leads and generate new ones.

What cultural differences have you encountered, and have they affected the way you do business with certain regions?

None thus far – we are providing a solution to a global problem. Our app and idea is universal, and can work in any country.

What is your vision for the future? Are you looking to expand?

Our vision is to have location points in all major cities and charging hubs, and to help retailers grow by increasing their footfall through our app. We are looking to extend our global reach to Asia in the next year.