Case study - tips for growing your business

Aruna Seth
Aruna Seth

How do you create a best-selling global brand with a small team and a tiny marketing budget? SME editor Colette Doyle spoke to go-getting entrepreneur Aruna Seth to hear some expert growth tips…

Listen, read and take advice – I learnt very early on to constantly keep on learning and listen to advice. I have always had a mentor throughout my business and it’s great having some advice from someone who is more experienced than you.

Spend your money wisely – in the early days I had to spend so much on developing the product, as the shoes are expensive to create, that I had to be very careful with the rest of the budget I had for marketing and the like. I managed to create a lot of collaborations with other brands such as hotels to create low cost or even free events to help promote my business.

Stay true to your brand – I had so many people tell me I should do this and that to the brand. But I stayed true to its credentials of the brand. The shape of the shoes has stayed the same and the butterfly signature is injected into each of the shoes in one form or another.

Don’t be scared of change – if something isn’t working then don’t be scared to change it. For example if an employee is better suited to another role, then change it immediately to something else

Travel – from day one I was determined not to have a UK based business and I grew the business in several countries all at once. We did shows in the US, Middle East and Asia and we have plenty of clients overseas as well as in the UK. We have a much bigger turnover than other brands who started at the same time because of this.