Case study – more tips for growing your business

Aruna Seth
Aruna Seth

How do you create a best-selling global brand with a small team and a tiny marketing budget? SME editor Colette Doyle spoke to go-getting entrepreneur Aruna Seth to hear some expert growth tips…

Exercise – I am a big exerciser and this is my time-out from work – I love pilates and Equinox gym in London. I believe that everyone needs some ‘me’ time.

Be your brand – Right from day one I have learnt to represent my brand. I buy good clothes, always have my nails done and make sure I always look pampered. I am the front of an aspirational, luxury brand and I have to sell that dream to people.

Social media – we have had to invest more and more in social media and use Instagram and Twitter a great deal. Some companies purely do social media PR nowadays – there are so many great instagrammers and bloggers you can engage with to promote the brand who have tons of followers. Social media has become one of the biggest influencers in the business.

Be solution orientated – whenever there is a problem focus on solving it rather than on the problem, which can eat up time. You have to learn to overcome problems with solutions quickly.

Enjoy what you do – running a business can be stressful, but you need to be 100% committed to it if you are doing it 24/7, so make sure you pick something you love doing.