Campus Society – challenges and successes

Challenges and successes
Challenges and successes

Campus Society, the global university network, aims to help students break down barriers and collaborate. SME caught up with Rashid Ajami, CEO and Founder to find out the highs and lows…

What have been your biggest challenges?

There are many challenges. One of the biggest has been building a strong team from scratch. It is tough to find good people who share your passion and vision. To build up a team of 16 people so quickly was not easy. To overcome this I focused on being organised operationally, making sure everyone understands their roles, having proper contracts and legal work in place, and measuring deliverables in a clear way. This avoids things getting messy and unclear and it avoids wasting time on things that don’t drive the business forward.

Another challenge was creating a strong user experience for our platform and the key here was bringing in really strong designers and copywriters who could help craft a concise message around what we do. This process is happening now and its going really well because we have great people behind it.

What have been your greatest successes?

Our greatest success has come from overcoming the challenges. For me its having such a strong team particularly in terms of the technical side. This has allowed us to push our ideas forward and break barriers. It allows us to innovate and bring things to life. I would also say bringing in strong investors has been something I’m proud of. For people to believe in us and give us a chance and support us means a lot to me.