Breathing Space – the story so far…

Case study: Breathing Space HR
Case study: Breathing Space HR

Breathing Space HR is a consultancy specialising in people management at smaller businesses. SME caught up with managing consultant Suzie Bogle to hear the story so far…

Tell me about your company – where did the idea come from? How did you get started?

I set up Breathing Space HR nine years ago after a long career in multinational companies – my last employer was General Electric. Although I had a rewarding career, I always felt I was much more suited to being an entrepreneur.

For quite a few years, I was happy working with a few selected clients until about two years ago I decided to be different, act different and see what I could achieve with the business.

Peninsula is our biggest competitor – it is a national company that provides a reactive telephone helpline and basic documentation. We are different in the fact that we focus on proactive HR work, improving management and preventing the problems from occurring in the first place. Wemanagethe “human resource” to ensure it is productive and profitable to a business. We do that in a structured and transparent way for the business and its people

Yorkshire companies similar to Peninsula are Direct Law and Personnel and HR180, butboth are what I would call reactive services.