Bol Food - Branching out

Branching out
Branching out

Yet with this health-conscious branding comes a greater responsibility in terms of moderating who they work with and the quality of the goods provided. In order to do this, the brand works with a few select suppliers who all have a strong industry reputation.

Brown says: “We’ve done a lot of due diligence and know that our suppliers are the most respected across the industry. Those guys definitely have a responsibility to deliver us the spec that we require.

“This business is only going to work if people have a great experience and that is largely down to the quality of the ingredients. It is about choosing the right supplier, some-one who wants to invest in the best of products - they buy into the vision and they want the company to head in that direction.”

“We’re really pleased with the products that we have out there so we launched with a range of ten products. We’ve got ten products in all, including two soup bols and we’re currently stocked in Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and Ocado, which is great. We’re regularly in the kitchen with our chefs and nutritionists getting things ready for the next round of products that will go live in September.”

So what does the future hold for Bol? According to Brown, there are plans to expand within the next five years. He said: “We are in talks to be stocked in more supermarkets and for the next one or two years this is our priority. In three to five years time we’ll be looking to expand to major European cities and hopefully beyond as well as expanding our product range.”