Angel’s share: the keys to success

The keys to success
The keys to success

You have to be prepared to fight for your business with absolute certainty that you’ve dreamed up a successful, profitable idea. Neeta Patel recommends talking positively about your business, just as men do. “Be confident. Develop a self-assured and positive position about your business. Talk about your successes with everyone you meet – you'll be surprised how quickly word gets around in the investment community about a potentially exciting and new, fast-growing business.”

Patel also recommends networking from the beginning of your start-up venture, by asking mentors and investors for help. That way, if you happen to approach them for investment further down the line, they’ll know who you are.

For early investment before approaching Angel Investors, Patel recommends using crowd funding. “This area is growing in popularity and early indications are that both men and women-led businesses are equally successful in raising funding.”

Bounts' Stuart thinks that “diversity is key to successful funding and not a person’s gender. In my opinion, angels don’t care what gender you are as long as you can make them money. It is not something that we at Bounts have perceived as an issue.”

In tomorrow’s instalment of our Angel Investment series, we provide some top tips for securing investment…