Angel Investment: SME jargon buster

Jargon busting
Jargon busting

Angel Investors: someone who provides finance for a start-up or entrepreneurial project

Dragons’ Den: TV show where entrepreneurs pitch products to a panel of investors

Enterprise programme: where ideas can be tested with the support of a foundation or mentor

“Angel investment is about investing in people, far more than the business.”

David Hulston, a seasoned angel investor and investor director of Indycube Ventures

“The fact that only 14 per cent of UK angel investors are female indicates there is a significant way to go in achieving a greater gender balance.”

Bill Morrow CEO of Angels Den

“Sourcing alternative investment remains male-dominated as a legacy of the traditional scenario of suits pitching to banks.”

Karen Melonie Gould, CEO of Gateway2Enterprise

“Women are generally less confident about 'bragging' about their successes than men and are also less likely to approach potential investors to ask for high levels of investment.”

Neeta Patel, CEO of New
Entrepreneurs Foundation

“A start-up is a compelling option for a lot of people, ( both men and women) but I can imagine it’s particularly attractive if the prospect of corporate glass ceilings exist. Most of the teams I’ve worked with at ISIS Innovation in Oxford or Google Campus have been diverse and more often than not the lead role was performed by a woman.”

John Stuart, founder of Bounts