UK shops in vogue with EU consumers

European Union consumers are increasingly flocking to UK retailers to help them improve their looks and spruce up their gardens.
According to the latest British Retail Consortium/Google Online Retail Monitor total UK retail search volumes in the EU rose 52% in the first quarter compared with last year.
Search volumes on EU shoppers mobile devices increased by 50%. Beauty was the most searched sector reporting a growth of 91%. Department stores increased by 75% with leisure up 59%, home and garden on 42% and clothes on 32%.

The Czech Republic showed the biggest demand for UK goods, reporting a 256% increase on mobile devices, followed by Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Lithuania.
The BRC and Google said demand had been helped by the start of the wedding season with brides and grooms looking to smarten up ahead of their big days. There was a surge in searches for health-related products such as the Nutribullet and Fitbit as people prepare for summer.

“These figures provide further evidence that the EU is an increasingly important market for UK retailers, said Helen Dickinson BRC chief executive. “Not only is interest in UK retail growing steadily on the continent, EU consumers are also far more likely to be experiencing the British retail offer through their smartphones. The strength and popularity of UK retail beyond our own borders shows little sign of diminishing.”
Martijn Bertisen, retail director of Google, added: “UK brands continue to drive interest from the rest of Europe particularly our department stores and our beauty retailers. Some of the largest major European markets like Germany are driving much of that growth. But this report also demonstrates the huge growth of mobile across Europe as Eastern countries like the Czech Republic are growing at over 250% year-over-year.”