Ryanair - being 'customer-centric'

Communication is key
Communication is key

This reinforces the airline’s on-going work to become a truly customer-centric organisation. Once transparency is fully implemented throughout every stage of Ryanair’s business strategy, their customer engagement will go from strength-to-strength.

But there are rules all businesses should follow to revitalise their own customer engagement strategy to become a truly a customer-centric organisation.

1. Transactional data isn’t enough

While transactional data provides great insight into the day-to-day habits of a consumer, brands need to use more than just raw data in order to make relevant, personal and timely interactions. Attitudinal data is paramount when evolving an engagement strategy as it allows brands to delve deeper into customer preferences and assists with the process of personalisation.

2. Nurture brand advocates

Brand advocates are vocal, loyal, passionate and engaged customers who happily share their thoughts and experiences of brands, particularly through social media. Advocates are an exceptionally important part of the modern marketing mix, and their value should not be underestimated. It is a widely accepted philosophy word of mouth recommendations are one of the most effective forms of advertising. The next step is identifying which members of your audience are potential advocates and building personal and meaningful relationships with these segments.

3. Communication is key

A seamless communication strategy can drastically improve the customer experience. Customers will feel personally recognised, no matter who they speak to and whatever channel they choose to use to interact with the brand. Only when a strategy focusses on laser targeted customer engagement and consistent, seamless communication at every customer interaction can they truly call themselves customer-centric and reap the benefits of loyal brand advocates.

Adam Goran, divisional director for customer engagement at the Grass Roots Group