Round Up - Greggs, Norwegian, Dignity

High street bakery chain Greggs said “softer” high street conditions had led it to posting a 3.7% sales hike in the first 18 weeks of the year, compared with a 6% rise this time last year. The group, with 1,700 stores, said fresh fruit and new salads such as falafels with houmous had done well. It confirmed plans to close bakeries at Sleaford, Twickenham and Edinburgh.
Airline Norwegian has recorded an 8% rise in passenger numbers during April to 2.3million helped by demand from business travellers. Its load factor of 84.5% was up by 2.1%.
Funeral services group Dignity said less people dying in the UK had hit first quarter figures. It said revenues fell to £81.2million from £85.5million this time last year as the number of deaths fell to 156,000 from 175,000.