It’s good to tweet – or you are in a void

Tweet or face the void
Tweet or face the void

Drew Benvie, founder and managing director of Battenhall, said: “If you aren’t on Twitter you are in a void. You are in effect choosing not to communicate with customers, employees and investors and missing the best way to get your message across.”

Benvie believes there are three main reasons why chief executives are failing to embrace Twitter. “The first is that they don’t see a good link between the time spent tweeting and the pay-off,” he said. “They think they will only get a small return from the hard work they put in. They are used to every minute of their time, such as sealing a new multi-billion dollar contract paying off. They can’t see that from Twitter.”

The second main inhibitor is that “great managers tend to be great delegators”. In short they want someone else to do the tweeting or developing a Twitter strategy for them.

“That doesn’t work with Twitter,” argued Benvie. “You have to do it yourself. ”

The third barrier is the belief that Twitter, despite its success, is a fad. “Chief executives are still in denial about the impact of social media on a business. They think Twitter will be here today and gone tomorrow,” he said.

Tomorrow we will hear from Katy Howell, chief executive of social digital consultancy Immediate Future about the increased levels of scrutiny that come with being on Twitter…