Connect roar – saving on fleet costs

Connect roar...
Connect roar...

Last year the British Vehicle and Rental Leasing Association released a white paper looking at the impact of the digital world on fleet management. New technology has transformed lives in the home, in shopping, banking and in work offices and the BVRLA concluded that our vehicles were one of the next big growth areas.

Indeed, it said that connected vehicles and more integrated smartphone systems would have a huge impact on the way fleet managers choose, operate and manage their car or truck pools in the coming years. According to the BVRLA, 45 per cent of fleets consider themselves to be early adopters of new automotive technology. A further 47 per cent described themselves as taking a cautious approach, while just 8 per cent felt they were stragglers in their uptake.

When it comes to the factors influencing driver vehicle choice, connectivity and smartphone integration were, the BVRLA said, set to soar in importance over the next five years. Just 20 per cent of fleets believe connectivity and smartphone integration is very important at the moment, but three times as many said it will be very important in five years’ time.

So what do we mean by connected vehicles? How is the industry responding and what benefits will it bring for fleet managers?

In short, a connected vehicle is one which is connected to the driver, itself, your smartphone, the road and able to transmit data to other vehicles, manufacturers and your fleet office.

It means connected navigation services, telematics data on driver and vehicle performance, real time traffic information, entertainment and surfing on the web, reading and dictating emails whilst driving and even fatigue warnings, night-vision cameras and stopping a vehicle.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s instalment of the Connect Roar series, where we look at the importance of data…