BBRO - engaging with Norwich Research Park

Beet virus yellows apparent in a commercial crop (2014)

Dr Mark Stevens, lead scientist at British Beet Research Organisation, talks about the flexible facilities at Norwich Research Park…

We felt it vital to proactively engage on the virus yellows issue on behalf of the growers and producers, however to do this we needed additional facilities. Norwich Research Park was the ideal location from which to expand our operation and we now have an additional aphid breeding facility within the Innovation Centre on the Park.

The Park provides us with unique advantages as an organisation. We have the opportunity to collaborate with the world-class institutions also based here; can access leading scientists, the latest diagnostic hardware and also utilise shared facilities, for example we currently use the glasshouses at the University of East Anglia. Having all this at our fingertips means we can invest more into our research programmes, which will ultimately benefit the UK beet industry, rather than have to allocate funds to building up expensive infrastructure.

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