An open door - the key to success?

Centrum, Norwich Research Park’s central ‘hub’ building - an ideal space for collaboration. Photograph courtesy of Darren Carter

Dr Mark Stevens, Lead Scientist, British Beet Research Organisation, talks about the organisation and what they do…

As an organisation we have modernised the way in which we carry out our research. In addition to our core team and the research we do in-house, we also call upon various skill sets across our community – both here at Norwich Research Park and further field in the UK and Europe – to enhance our work.

These networks are invaluable and I am personally particularly keen to develop these links and relationships to ensure we continue to promote the future of this fascinating and successful crop. Sugar beet is the only crop in the UK that has continued to increase its yield potential year on year for a number of years on a 1-2% basis. When you compare it to cereals and oilseeds – that appear to have flat lined – the story of sugar beet is a hugely positive one – and pertinent to that success is the work BBRO has undertaken historically, and will continue to undertake around research and development.

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