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As shops have appeared to be the main target there needs to be increased protection for small firms, says FSB.

Businesses in London and other cities across England had their windows smashed and stores looted during the ongoing riots that started on Saturday night in North London. John Walker, National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, comments:

"The violence and looting that spread across London, and other cities, is completely unacceptable and very concerning. With people having lost their homes and livelihoods, the police and emergency services need to protect citizens and business owners from criminals who are out to steal and cause mindless destruction.

"As shops have appeared to be the main target of out of control criminal gangs, there needs to be increased protection for small firms.

"We recommend businesses take police guidance to protect themselves and their firms and we call on the Home Office to ensure the right resources are deployed to protect businesses and citizens from another night’s damage.

"This disruption is causing untold damage to individual businesses, our extremely fragile economy and our image, less than a year ahead of the Olympic Games. Our cities simply cannot afford for this to continue and it is impossible to estimate how much this is going to cost the business community.

"Until things are brought under control, and businesses are able to claim insurance and open their doors in safety, HMRC must extend leniency to affected businesses – especially to those that have been cleaned out by thieves, or burnt and lost their records."