SME Winter 2014/15 is out now

January 23, 2015

SME Winter 2014/15 is out now

Read the latest digital edition of SME for insights into new tax relief and the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill.

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Big data, small business – the perfect match?

February 02, 2015

Big data, small business – the perfect match?

Data expert Scott Logie explains that opportunities to make a difference with big data aren’t with b...

Pre-election tax tasks for SME owners

January 27, 2015

Pre-election tax tasks for SME owners

Accountant Laurence Field shares 10 tax tasks that business owners should undertake before the gener...

"Apprenticeship funding is not a simple endeavour"

January 20, 2015

"Apprenticeship funding is not a simple endeavour"

Dr. Sam Healy, programme manager of The 5% Club, says investment in the next generation is important...

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March 05, 2015

More UK workers have multiple jobs

Half of UK employers are seeing an increase in employees with multiple jobs, claims research. 

March 05, 2015

Gender diversity: mandatory quotas vs voluntary quotas

The Gender diversity in the boardroom: Reach for the top report from HR professional body CIPD has advised gender dive...

March 04, 2015

What are the papers saying – Minimum Wage

With minimum wage increases recommended and a list of companies breaking the law being published - how are the nationa...

March 04, 2015

What the papers say…: Gender Diversity in Business

Gender diversity is an important workplace topic - but what exactly are the papers saying about it? The Telegraph Th...

March 04, 2015

Small firms bounce back

A greater number of small businesses have improved their turnover over the past year, claims a report.

March 04, 2015

SME optimism builds

More than half of UK SMEs will invest in their business in 2015, claims research.

March 03, 2015

Labour business policies face criticism

Labour party policies to prioritise the expansion of small businesses have come under scrutiny by rival political part...

March 03, 2015

Thousands wasted on small expenses

Small businesses could be squandering thousands of pounds a year on small expenses. 

March 03, 2015

Drivers identified to boost productivity

A number of drivers have been identified to boost small business productivity in the UK.

March 03, 2015

B&Q accused of “pay-to-stay” tactics

B&Q has been abusing small suppliers by engaging in “pay-to-stay” tactics, it has been reported.

March 02, 2015

Bank transactions to be made via Twitter

Barclays has announced it will become the first British bank to allow payments to be made to small businesses via the ...

March 02, 2015

SMEs neglect to read full insurance policies

More than a quarter of British SMEs have never read their full insurance policy claims research. 

February 27, 2015

Employers failing to pay minimum wage exposed

A list of 70 employers who have failed to pay their workers the national minimum wage has been published by Business M...

February 26, 2015

Companies House registrations at all-time high

The number of new Companies House registrations has taken the total number of UK businesses to a record high.

February 25, 2015

Languages are vital for SMEs looking to export

SMEs using language assets have far higher turnover ratios, a study claims.

February 25, 2015

UK businesses facing technology barriers

Almost three quarters of businesses in the UK face barriers when adapting to machine-to-machine technology.

February 23, 2015

Small businesses sceptical about technology

Almost 40% of small businesses are sceptical about the benefits of technology in the face of perceived risks. 

February 18, 2015

Delayed payments pressurising SMEs

Late payments are costing SMEs up to £677 a month, according to reports.