UK exports 45% of gin by value

Gin industry could be stronger in the EU
Gin industry could be stronger in the EU

The UK exported 30 million bottles of gin to the EU last year, making up 45% of total gin exports by value. Exchequer Secretary Damian Hinds has been informed by spirit industry leaders that this number may fall if the UK leaves the European Union.

Industry leaders who met the Exchequer Secretary warned that losing access to the EU single market, which makes overseas trade far easier for highly regulated industries such as alcohol, could mean that UK producers won’t be able to trade as freely due to the loss of EU common standards.

A recent survey carried out by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) found that the UK wine and spirit trade will be stronger if Britain remained in the European Union. As part of a consultation of its 300 plus members this message was endorsed by 90% of those who responded.

Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Damian Hinds said: “The UK’s gin industry is undergoing a remarkable renaissance with the rest of the world developing a taste for our world-leading gin. The message from industry voices and famous gin makers like Beefeater is clear; leaving the EU would hit exports hard and could apply the brakes to the gin boom. I believe that gin like the rest of our spirits industry will be stronger, safer and better off within a reformed EU.”