Step two: the planning process

The far horizon
The far horizon

Because of regular demand from businesses to ensure that their staff are fully equipped with the skills needed to begin exporting, the BCC has developed a range of classroom and online training to cover essential elements of exporting, with a particular focus around the often complex subjects of export documentation and payment methods…

There are a number of export training courses within the BCC National Training Programme for exporters, including a number of topics central to supporting export drives.

The programme involves a series of ten centrally accredited courses covering a core export skills curriculum. These courses are mapped to Level 2 NVQ terminology and provide invaluable basic skills for small and large companies alike.

Given the wider distances between yourself and your new market, it’s also essential to consider your future distribution channels. Local distributors and agents can effectively become the face of your business, adding value to your sales and marketing efforts and the overall success of your international trade. Local support can help to identify, contact and select the most appropriate distribution partners for your business.

In tomorrow’s instalment of our Far Horizon series, we take a look at step three: making connections…