Step three: making connections

The far horizon
The far horizon

To help UK businesses start to build contacts in overseas markets the accredited Chambers of Commerce is currently working on a programme to link UK exporters with British Chambers of Commerce overseas, as well as other relevant business bodies…

These organisations have the in-market expertise and personal connections to help companies as they evaluate and enter these markets.

While market insight and research can give a good flavour of a potential export market, there’s nothing quite like getting your feet on the ground and seeing it for yourself. When visiting a potential export market – either attending a local trade show or participating in a trade mission – British Chambers can help you prepare thoroughly to ensure that the time you have in market is spent as productively as possible.

When visiting an international market for the first time, being fully prepared for an intensive few days of meetings, introductions, networking and building relationships is essential. When you've researched the markets that present the biggest opportunity for your export business, the next step is to identify the local market trade shows that will be of most benefit and prepare fully for involvement in any relevant trade missions.

Thorough planning and preparation ahead of an overseas visit can also include an introduction to a Chamber in the local market, who can help ensure that your time on the ground is spent in the most valuable way and that you return to the UK having made a substantial step forward in establishing or growing your international trade. Accredited Chambers can also advise on creating compelling promotional material and other collateral for the visit, including translation services where appropriate.

In tomorrow’s instalment of our Far Horizon series, we take a look at step four: making it happen…